Comprehensive Visitor Analysis System

"Harnessing the full power of digital media ..."

Harnessing the full power of digital media demands new initiatives from your media partners. Perendale Publishers Limited has taken this challenge seriously and is delivering here the media industry's first 'comprehensive visitor analysis system' that not only tracks digital 'views' of your advertisements but also includes the views of the print magazine.

We take great care to deliver our print magazine to individuals who have a keen interest in our content and the services and products of our advertisers. Online we ensure those interested in our content can find us easily through google searching no matter where they are or what key words they use.

CVAS is a transparent, third-party, online software program - developed by Perendale - that records every view our content receives (and that of its accompanying advertisements) no matter where or when our documents are opened.

Unlike other magazines, our digital content is not restricted to our own web site alone, but is made freely available on multiple distribution platforms to ensure its maximum penetration into the marketplace. As a result our content is 'found' by individuals searching for specific information. These 'readers' are significantly more representative of the audience our advertisers wish to reach.

Each advertisement you place in our print publications is online and can be 'found' for up to five years.

CVAS records and plots the views each advertisement received monthly (and the individual views within the issue or feature) for the full five year period!

Don't take our word for it! See for yourself how many individuals within your target market group are viewing your advertisement by contacting our sales team. They can set up an account for you.

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